Who we are

BUSINESS IDEA – What We Bring to the Table

Our motive is to add value, quality, and simplicity in board strength grading for the European sawmill and woodworking industry. We have been developing grading systems for the European sawmill and wood processing industry since 2003, for more than 20 years, and we still continue to innovate.


OUR VALUES: These are the foundations of our operation. We base all our activities on the following fundamentals:


Honesty and respect are the bedrock of a good relationship

We are committed to our industry for the long term. To ensure our presence and continuous development, our activities are based on reliability, a positive attitude, and focus.

Robustness and accuracy

All installations are designed for industrial environments with precise and explicit accuracy in measurement for strength. Similarly, all customer interactions are based on reliable activities, timely deliveries, and precise support.

Development in cooperation for the future

We listen, plan, aim and move towards improvement. Our driving force is our curiosity and enthusiasm. Together with our customers, suppliers, partners, and others, our team and company are looking towards the future.

In the industry

We are open-minded and listen to others' opinions and perspectives. We embrace new alliances, technology, and long-term changes.


Our deliveries shall comply with relevant standards, such as health and safety, electrical and mechanical directives, etc.

Our mission

Our aim is to improve strength grading of lumber.